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Re-Create a scrolling text crawl similar to the Star Wars Scrolling Text Crawl Intro with custom text and graphics.

This site is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or Twentieth Century Fox. It is entirely independent run.

Yes, I am still making the scrolling text crawls as of 2017 and the Star Wars Crawl Creator custom version works on Mobile devices!

Made to Order Custom Star Wars Scrolling Text


A Star Wars scroll will be personally created and emailed to you in one video file. No techincal expertise required. Once you complete purchase you will receive a form to fill out with your desired information. Custom orders may be sent out via a link to view by your guests that I host for you. You may also download the video to save for yourself.


Great for:

  • Emailing Inviations. Great for Star Wars Birthday Invitations!
  • Fan films or distributing on DVD's/CD's (.mov output)
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Those uncomfortable with technology or those who want all of the work done for them!
  • Compatible with all smart phones and tablets


Additional features:

  • Can be viewed on any mobile device, iOS / Android
  • Includes Original Star Wars Music (you must own a copy)
  • Free hosting online
  • .mov quicktime video file included
  • Custom Modifications available upon request


Examples View Example Video


You will receive a simple form and example text for your star wars scroll at your paypal email address after payment.

Custom Order with iOS/iPhone/iPad/Android Compatibility

Standard Delivery < Same Day (less than 24 hours) via email


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Things I commonly hear back from customers

"Fabulous!  He was so surprised to read his name on the scroll.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  I think that was the best part of his b-day so far!" - Jeff & Sue


"Okay...invite flippin adorable. " - Sabrina

"OMG!  Loved the invitation!  Jake and Mia will be there!!!"

"We'll be there.. 2 kids and 2 adults..Love, love, love the invite!  Super cute!!" - J

"That was a great invitation!  I love it!  Yes, we will be there…2 adults and 1 kiddo.  Jack is very excited" - J

"Everyone at the event busted into applause as soon as the presentation began!!"

For a short list of big names that are using the presentation scroll to the bottom of the page.

Star Wars like Scrolling Text Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

OrbContact me - Feel free to ask any questions.
  1. What is the difference between the Custom and XML & Flash Versions?
    • The XML & Flash star wars intro text scroll is a do it yourself version. You will be given a download link after puchase. It will contain 3 files and a readme file. You will replace the example text in the text XML file with your own. To play the scroll you will open the flash file and it does everything for you automatically.
    • In the Custom star wars scroll I complete everything for you personally. It is also compatible with mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, Android etc. After payment has been received I send a template for you to fill in the information you would like and deliver the scroll to you in one file. This file can easily be emailed, embedded in a powerpoint or sent as a link to your friends to view online. I can also accomodate additional modifications in custom purchases. It can include the original music.
    • Bottom line, the Custom version is easier to distribute and embed and is hosted online for free and comes in one uneditable file. It is also able to be viewed on iOS and Android mobile devices. It can include the original music. The XML & Flash takes a little more work and technical knowhow and cannot be emailed but can be re-used/edited an unlimited amount of times.
  2. Do you have any example text for birthday invitations?
  3. Can you host the Star Wars Scroll for me?
    • Of Course! Custom scrolls are now hosted online for free! You just send a link for viewers!
  4. Will it play on my iPhone/iPad/Android?
    • Yes, the custom version is now available with iPhone/iPad/Android compatibility. It is rendered as a video file instead of a flash file for increased compatibility with iOS/Android devices. The increased cost is due to the increased time required to produce and upload.
  5. Can I host the Star Wars Scroll on my own website?
    • Yes. The scroll is provided as an swf Flash file which can be embedded on your own website. The custom version can also be hosted on your own website.
  6. Can I use my own image in the beginning instead of star wars text?
    • Yes! You can use the following image formats. (gif, jpg, png, bmp). Documentation is provided in the download.
  7. How do I receive the files?
    • Custom orders are usually delivered the same day, within a 24 hour period.
  8. What version of Flash do I need? (XML and Flash version Only)
    • To watch the text crawl you will need Flash Player 10 or higher which can be downloaded for web browsers on Adobe's website. To download Flash 10 locally to your computer (which will be the case when viewing in powerpoints) you will likely need to update to the latest version for your desktop which can be downloaded from here. If you download the version for your computer you will need to unzip it, open the Release folder and click Install Flash Player 10 ActiveX for Windows and Install Flash Player 10 Plugin for Mac. The custom version does not require flash.
  9. Can I view the scroll on my computer instead a website?
    • Yes. The only requirement is that you have Flash Player installed. If you have problems viewing on your computer, try opening the scroll with a web browser on your computer. The custom version does not require flash.
  10. Can I burn my scroll to a CD?
    • Yes. You can burn your Star Wars Flash and XML together on a CD for playback on another computer.
  11. Can I burn my scroll to a DVD?
    • The Custom version can be burned to a DVD for playback in a DVD player.
  12. Can I resize the scroll?
    • Yes! The size of the scroll can be modified without an adverse effect.
  13. Are there any limits to how long my scroll can be?
    • Your scroll can contain as few as one word and roughly around 160 words depending on how many line breaks you use. Custom Star Wars Scrolls can contain more words but for an additional fee.
  14. How do I customize the scroll?
    • The XML file included in the download can be edited to change the text, font, color, or add images. Almost any HTML can be included to cutomize the file. Detailed documentation is provided in the download.
  15. Can I email the Star Wars text crawl?
    • Yes. If you purchase the source code or have a custom order you have the ability to export the scroll without XML which can be emailed as an attachment.
  16. Can I embed the scroll into a powerpoint?
    • If you are using the XML and Flash file, or Custom Flash you will need to follow this demo. If you are using the XMl and Flash version, when you specify the location of the .swf file, it will need to be in the same directory/folder as the XML and music (mp3) file that are provided. If you are embedding a custom flash it does not matter where the Flash file is located. You will need Flash Player 10 or higher installed on the computer for it to work.
  17. How do I add music?
    • The program supports playback of mp3 music files. To include music, place your mp3 in the same folder as the Flash and XML file and rename it to musicfile.mp3 and it will automatically play at the appropriate time. If you purchase the source code or have a custom order the music can be embedded within the flash file for playback without the need for an external mp3 file. I good MIDI file that I converted to an MP3 can be downloaded here starwars midi mp3. It is also included in the download. I will be adding more Star Wars like yellow scrolling text MIDI music later, but you can use any mp3 file yourself. If you would like to include the original music you will need to purchase a copy of it yourself. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  18. What Languages are Supported?
    • English and Spanish are officially supported. English characters, punctuation, and Latin American / Spanish Glyphs are embedded in the file to ensure that it will display correctly on all computers/screens even if they do not have the font installed. However, other languages should work theoretically as long as the computer it is being displayed on has the language and font installed.
  19. Why did you spend the time to make this?
    • I love Star Wars Movies and always wanted to be able to create Star Wars scrolling text crawls with my own text. How cool!
  20. Which version should I buy for Star Wars Birthday Invitations?
    • If you are wanting to send the invitations out via email I would suggest the Custom version that I create personally for you and comes as one file and can be optionally provided in the QuickTime video format. The XML and Flash version is best suited for display on websites, or from computers onto a projector.
  21. Can I edit the custom version?
    • The custom version of the Star Wars Scrolliong Text is personally created by me and connot be edited once completed. If there is an issue with the scroll due to my error I will correct it for free. There is a fee to re-create a scroll. Please make sure you are happy with the text you provide before it is created.
  22. I have a special request
    • Please contact me. I am sure I can do just about anything.. especially if you donate to my TK (Stormtrooper) Fund.
  23. My Question was not answered here.

Troubleshooting for XML and Flash Version

  1. I purchased the program and received my payment confirmation from paypal but I have not received my download link yet.
    • The email can take several minutes to arrive after purchasing and is sent to your paypal email address. Make sure to check your spam folder. It will be sent from the address cdrake@gmail.com.
  2. When I type something into the big text in the beginning it displays the wrong characters.
    • This is because you are using CAPS characters. Use lower case instead if this happens.
  3. The text is standing up to the left and not moving...!
    • This occurs when you do not have Flash Player 10 or higher installed or when you have a syntax error in your XML file. Make sure everything is well formatted. If this only occurs when you are trying to play it locally on your computer, open the flash file and right click inside of the scroll and look at the bottom and it will tell you what version of flash you have installed locally. This is not always the same as the version you have installed for your browser, e.g. Firefox or Safari. Try opening the flash file using a web browser, if it loads then you need to update your local version of flash, if it doesn't then you need to check your XML file for typos.
    • For custom orders: You may email me any mp3 file you would like to use.
  4. The Star Wars yellow scroll freezes as my logo/text is coming in.
    • This occurs when you do not have the included music file mymusic.mp3 in the same folder as the flash file. If you do not want music you can delete the included file and create a blank file called mymusic.mp3. Music is embedded in custom orders and this error can't occur.
  5. When I open the XML file I get an error .
    • You should be opening the XML file with a program like notepad, wordpad, or text edit. It may open automatically with a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox by default which will return an error. To open with notepad, right click the xml file and choose open with.

Who is using Star Wars Intro?

Parents to create Star Wars themed birthday party invitations

Star Wars Galaxies

New York Hospital for Special Surgery

MTV Project H20 - Mission Darfur

DAVACO Retail Services

Beaverbrooks Jewelers

Mid Michigan Health

Norlight, Inc.


Sandvick Mining and Constructions

Viva International Group & Vision Source

and many more...!

Unique Uses

Star Wars Marriage Proposals

Star Wars themed Anniversaries

Star Wars themed Birthday Parties

Employee of the Year Awards

Change log

Version 1.1: Default Fonts are now embedded into the flash file to ensure compatability.

Version 1.2: Increased the amount of text that will fit in the big "TEXT HERE" area. Added support for Latin American and Spanish characters. Added Readme file and improved documentation. Added automatic troubleshooting help to the flash file.

Version 1.3: Custom Version now hosted online for free.

Version 1.4: Custom Version now has the option of being run at a slower speed.

Version 1.5: Custom Version now available in quicktime video format compatible with iOS devices. (iPhone/iPad)